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BillSki's 2005-2010 Northeastern United States

Alpine Ski Area Data

An Informal Survey 

This list compares a select group of (54) northeastern United States alpine ski areas, based on a loose criteria of: a) areas nationwide over 1,000 vertical feet, b) most areas in VT, NH, ME and MA, since the object of my interest is comparing northern New England ski areas.  My original intent was to to compare lift ticket prices.  The work has transcended that original goal and and is now cutting the data several ways, to see where the resorts stack up numerically. 

This list is not intended to determine the "best" areas.  Beauty of course, is in the eye of the beholder.  I am only ranking resorts numerically.  In many cases, significant ticket price reductions can be had by shopping around, going on special days, bulk and group ticket sales, promotions, early, late season, etc.  Shop around.

Here are the data I chose to accumulate:

  1. Name of Resort and State
  2. Lift Ticket Prices - I chose the Adult, all-day, full-price walk-up window, Holiday/ season (generally Jan-Feb) or weekend rate whichever is higher.  Of course your mileage will vary, but this is a basis of comparison.     Source: Resort Web sites.
  3. Vertical - Source: White Book
  4. Lift Capacity Per Hour -Source: White Book
  5. Ski-able Acres, Trails, Average Snow, Snowmaking - Sources: Ski Town, Newenglandski, White Book


All information is taken from public sources.  I am responsible for any errors found herein.  If you would send me corrections and amplifications, I would be pleased to update this site. You can find my address hidden over here to avoid conspirators and spammers.

If you're interested in cheap tickets, deals and promotions, I collect them all winter long and make them available to the ACE Ski and Board Club newsletter/email list, which you are welcome to join.

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