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Developing effective approaches to ancestral research in Eastern Slovakia

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Mother's Day in Snina, 1937

Mothers Day in Snina 1937



Ahoj!  Hello!  These pages provide strategy assistance to English-speaking researchers of immigrants from the regions of present-day Slovak Republic (Slovakia).  This collection also provides a contemporary and historical perspective of the region through essays, documents and photographs.

My geographic focus is on Eastern Slovakia (Slovak Republic) / formerly Czechoslovakia / formerly Upper Hungary.  Primary research areas include the peoples and lands in the Carpathian mountains and immediate borderlands of Southern Poland (Galicia) and Western Ukraine (Carpatho-Rus).  As Slovakia was a component of pre-1918 Hungary, much information about "old Hungary" is contained herein and will be useful for any pre-1918 Hungary research.

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May 2013

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20th Century Photos from Eastern Slovakia (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - actively being updated)

Church Record Headers (originally produced by John Jasso) , new page

 "Slovakia Full Circle, The Return Journey, 1904 - 2001" , republished

Ukraine State Archives, Hungary State Archives, Slovakia State Archives

Hungary State Archives on-line collections

Hungary State Archives collection of historic castradal and other maps (in Latin)

Hungary State Archives Urbaria et Conscriptiones (Early taxation and census records, 16-19th century)

Hungary World War 2 Prisoner of War database

A nice YouTube video of Wooden Churches from the region

Saints Name Days  - Useful when there is confusion about birth dates

This month I have been conducting a major update of the links herein and adding or revising content.  Enjoy!

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If you are new to genealogy research I recommend you start with Welcome  and Strategy.


  • Table Of Contents - A complete listing of all pages

  • Welcome - What these pages are all about

  • Strategy - A systematic approach to ancestral research

  • History - A brief summary of major events and unique reference material

  • Place Names - Explanation of multiple village names and how to find them

  • Settlements - Local information & loads of photos of Eastern Slovakia villages

  • Maps - Historic and Contemporary map references useful in research

  • Churches - Description of various churches, their records and examples

  • Census - Explanation of historical census, their availability and examples 

  • Military- Explanation of various military records, availability and examples.  Military History 

  • FHL Resources - The Mormon's Family History Library catalog holdings related to Slovakia

  • Correspondence - How to find, address and compose letters to Slovakia

  • Culture - Art, Architecture, Social Customs & Language

  • Passports, Church/Government Certificates & Other Document Examples

  • Toolbox - Quick Reference to the Most Versatile Web Resources for Genealogy

  • Potpourri - A catch-all of interesting topics, photos and links


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