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Description of Sample "People" pages from 1869 Magyar/Hungarian Census

Szicsak, Andri (head of household)11810GK (Greek Catholic)nos - married manbirtokes (landowning farmer)Foldmivelas = farmerZbojhelybeli = nativeprolongedno/no
Tarkanics Pelghia (neje - wife of Andri)11820GKferjezett -married womanHaztartas housewife"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/nonyomvrik (crippled)
gyermeri (children)"
Szicsak, Vaszily11840GKnos- married man"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/no
Andrecas, Ancra (neje - wife of Vaszily)11820GKferjezett -married womanfoldo seged (farm assistant)"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/no
Szicsak, Jurko (unokas, cousin, relative)11850GKnotlen - unmarried manhazilag alrazas"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/no
Szicsak, Ancra11857GKhajad - unmarried womanseged apprentice"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/no
Szicsak, Petro11860GKnotlen - unmarried man"helybeli = nativeprolongedno/no



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